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Escort 12 can hardbody cooler

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Smoke From Your Tailpipe?

Officers attempted to calm the female who decided to kick the officers. The female, Aimee E. The officers were not injured during the incident. As officers spoke to the driver, BBPD Dispatch informed officers that the owner of the vehicle was currently at the BBPD police lobby attempting to report the vehicle as stolen. The juvenile driver was then arrested, charged with GTA, and turned over to J. Officers encountered approximately juveniles in the parking lot of the business. It was learned that the juveniles were attending a party at the hotel. Officers dispersed the crowd from the parking lot.

Some of the partygoers walked a block into the neighborhood behind the business and shot multiple rounds in the air from a handgun Escort 12 can hardbody cooler Eacort searched the area for the juvenile shooters without success. All the remaining juveniles slowly left the area without incident. Officer Esteves attempted to conduct a C. Subject was told to stop, but continued running. Officer Esteves deployed his Taser and apprehended Hardbodh after he fell to the ground. Baker was transported coo,er J. When Placide was approached by store personnel, he attempted to flee out of the store on foot hafdbody was met by officers. Placide attempted to run past officers but harrdbody tackled and after a brief struggle was taken into custody.

Once the defendants were transported to the station, Placide complained of head pain and Nixon said she needed medical treatement. It should be noted that Nixon also had an FTA warrant. The caller told offices she parked her blue Honda Accord in the mall parking lot while she went shopping. When she returned to her vehicle, she noticed the interior of her vehicle was in disarray. The caller could not determine if anything was stolen from within her vehicle at the time of reporting. Victim discovered the keys to the vehicle were stolen from the center console.

Police officers and their K9 partners will take the field at 2 21. They begin with the obstacle course portion of the competition, followed at 5 p. Hardbdy hardest hitting and fastest running dog competitions will follow at around 6 p. In addition to the main events, there will be a rock climbing wall, bounce house, balloon artists and SWAT obstacle course for kids. K9 teams will be competing from the following agencies: For more information about the competition, visit www. There is limited updated information to provide because detectives have not yet been able to interview the victim due to her medical condition.

The pistons in your engine have seals around them in the form of rings. These rings have two functions: When the rings wear out, the pressure from combustion reverses down into the oil pan, pressurizing it, and forcing oil into the valve covers. From there it goes through the breather system, back into the fuel delivery system, and into the engine to be burned. It's hard to say without performing some diagnostics on the engine. A quart of oil a week is excessive. It could be due to a plugged PCV or excessive internal engine wear. Take the car into the shop for engine diagnostics. During these tests the tech tries to determine if there is loss of engine compression, blow-by, or excessive oil consumption due to ring wear.

If excessive ring wear is discovered then further engine teardown will be necessary to determine if the engine needs to be rebuilt or replaced. What is the difference between blue and white smoke? The engine can emit different colors of smoke: Blue smoke typically indicates engine oil is being burned in the combustion chamber. In rare cases, when a vehicle is equipped with a transmission that uses a device called a vacuum modulator valve to soften shifts between gears according to engine vacuum the diaphragm can break inside the valve and cause transmission fluid to be sucked into the engine via the vacuum line feeding the valve and burn. White smoke can mean one of two things.

This gasket is the seal between the cylinder head and engine block. Water runs through channels called water jackets that line the cylinder walls and thus carry away heat. When the head gasket blows, the seal between the cylinder head and engine block breaks and water is allowed to enter the combustion chamber. This water is emitted from the engine in the form of water vapor or steam and it is white in color. Fuel delivery systems sometimes falter and dump excessive amounts of raw fuel into the intake plenum.

When this happens, the amount of fuel is too much for the engine to process. Hence, it exits the engine and tailpipe in the form of pure white fuel vapor. It stinks like raw gas and can be dangerous if it ignites in the hot muffler and catalytic converter. I have witnessed exhaust systems literally blown off the vehicle from the explosion that ensued from ignition of a gas-filled catalytic converter. This condition must be fixed immediately to prevent internal engine damage or worse yet, a serious fire.